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About the Services

I began working full-time as a psychologist in 2007. However, my work in the area started several years prior as a counsellor assisting clients with issues related to self-exploration, personal growth, and development.  Please see the above attached CV for an extensive list of the more educationally based history. 
In my practice, I have had opportunity to work with individuals, couples, and families in a general counselling context. This included providing services to Clients with concerns regarding depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, and life transitions brought about through changes in the work and/or home situation.
In terms of my orientation, the process works collaboratively through questioning and discussion, as well as incorporating techniques that access the body/mind interplay.  This can involve cognitive methods or body-focused experiential processes.  The intention is focused upon assisting the client with self-empowerment - within their lives and circumstances. 
Additional experience comes from providing psychological assessments on varying concerns for individuals and families.  At present, this pertains to working with individuals to assess and address substance use and addiction behaviours through relapse prevention support, as well as aiding in accessing resources for treatment services.
Further, I have experience working with the Alberta Court system providing Brief Conflict Intervention for families.  This process helps couples/families with issues related to divorce/separation and, on occasion, involves helping to resolve high conflict situations.

Other skills and techniques used include hypnosis, guided imagery, and meditation.

At present, I am continuing to expand my learning and refine my skills in order to assist persons contending with trauma-related issues.  This upgrading includes two processes; one called Somatic Experiencing (SE) and the other Integrated Body Psychotherapy (IBP).  Throughout the next few years these approaches will be explored and incorporated within my skill set.  As methods they stand to help me increase effectiveness when helping individuals with acute and developmental trauma.  Briefly, this is made possible by helping a person to connect more fully with their physical sensations/experiences.  As a result, an individual can become better able to regulate their own system (thinking, feelings, physical pain levels).  The upside, an individual has more capacity to reduce anxiety and stress in daily life, while increasing access to overall well-being and happiness.  
I am available for evening and weekend sessions and would welcome the opportunity to provide services.
505 - 30 Avenue N.W.
Calgary, AB  T2M 2N7
Times Available:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  - 10AM. to 7PM
**evening appointments**
Friday - 9AM to 5PM
Saturday - 9AM - 4PM
Sunday and Monday - Closed
Fees: Follows PAA Guidelines, call for more information
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